“You are unique, but you are part of a collective.” The message was clear.

Individuality was gone, uniformity was key. But within her uniformity, she knew she was individual. This wasn’t 1984, for Pete’s sake…

She had to keep hold of her individuality. She had to maintain the essence of ‘her’. She didn’t want to stand out, didn’t want to be obvious, didn’t want to run the risk of being separate, ostracised.

So how to keep a collective mentality while retaining an individual perspective? How to be part of the whole while remaining true to herself?

You are unique, but you are part of a collective.

3 thoughts on “Unique”

      1. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen Fight club and I suspect it probably hasn’t dated well, but I like listening to the soundtrack, which includes a bunch of Brad Pitt soundbites in one of the tracks! 😁

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