Hi there! I’m Richard and I am a keen amateur photographer from the south of England.

A regular blogger, I have taken photos on an almost daily basis for the last decade or so and have posted on my other CKPonderings site for eight years. What started out as challenge has grown into something of an obsession – taking at least one photograph every day, and posting images on that site on a daily basis.

The time had come for a change, a refresh, and so I welcome you to CKPonderingsToo. Doing away with a daily focus, the intention of this site is to include more collaborations with other photographers, explore the photographic process in something other than a point-and-shoot kind of way.

I don’t have any particular focus in mind – I photograph whatever draws my attention or catches my eye. This lack of any specialism has led to some quirky shots, a general hint of randomness and only boosts my enthusiasm further.

I am also a passionate collector of antique photographs, in particular portraits and Cartes de Visite and military, so you may well find a few of those peppered about. (A lot more of my collection can be found here.)

You probably won’t like everything on here, but if an image raises a smile, generates a second look or repulses or repels you, please let me know. Everybody likes feedback – it shows your work has sparked an interest – so feel free to comment on here or contact me.

Thanks for passing by.

I can also be found on Instagram (@rck1971).

Let’s build something together.

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