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There’s a part of me that wonders whether the world would be a better place is everybody was just honest. Honest with themselves, honest with each other, just honest.

Trying to spare someone’s feelings can quickly spiral into a web of lies and deceit. You start digging a hole, then find yourself twenty feet deep with little more than a trowel.

So, why do it? Why are we so desperate to please other people? What is it about human nature that drives us to avoid honesty at all costs?

Stop and think about it. What harm would telling the truth actually do? Will lying to them do more harm?

Honesty is the best policy, but we’re often too blind to see it.


Information was coming at her from all sides.

Conflicting, confusing information that was leaving her in no clearer position to make a decision. Turn left, turn right, do this, do that, fake news, real news, the truth, lies. How was she supposed to know what was right and what was wrong?

Friends were telling her one thing, family another and colleagues a third.

Bury your head, she thought. Keep a low profile and avoid the constant barrage of details, choices, confusions…


Life sometimes makes things seem impossible, the impassable not able to be breached.

The insurmountable is often only that way because you cannot achieve it alone.

It is not a failing to ask for help.

Together, the impossible is possible.