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Mellifont Abbey

The gate swung open unbidden. The creaking of the hinges shattered the calm of the trees surrounding him, bringing him sharply to his senses.

Beyond the gate he could make out a building. The windows were shuttered, but he had a feeling that the house wasn’t empty, merely sleeping, waiting for the moment when someone would arrive to wake it from its reverie.

The lawns were tended, and he wanted to take a step forward, to get a better look at the garden, but immediately felt as if he would be trespassing, unwanted, into grounds that had been perfectly manicured by a gardener who had every intention of keeping them that way, no matter what happened.

To walk forward or to turn and run? Intruders were definitely not welcome here, and, without any shadow of a doubt, he would be intruding. But he also felt that it was too late. With the opening of that gate, the barrier had been broken and he was left with only one choice.

He felt himself take a step towards the Abbey…


Set your self one goal, one thing to aim for.

As you reach the end of the month, reflect on how well you achieved the resolutions you set yourself at the end of last year.

Did you succeed? How can you keep that momentum into the new month?

The longest of journeys begins with one small step, so don’t feel disappointed with yourself if you fell off whatever waggon you set yourself on on New Year’s Day.

Try again, knowing that you can do what you set your mind to.