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A-Z of Somerset: Part 3

The third part of the tour of the villages of Somerset takes us from Kingsdon to Othery.

Click on the link to read the full post for each village.

K is also for Kingsdon.

Nestled in the rolling hills to the south of Somerton, Kingsdon is what chocolate box villages are supposed to look like.

L is for Lydeard St Lawrence.

Situated between the Quantocks and Exmoor, this was the home of a soldier who met an accidental death.

M is for Milverton.

A large village with high pretentions, this is a beauty to wander around.

N is for North Curry.

A village that is there for show, North Curry is meant to be seen.

O is for Othery.

A village whose soul has been ripped out by the traffic streaming through it, there is still a quiet heart to Little England.

Next week, in the last of the recaps, we visit villages P, Q R, S and T.

An A-Z of Somerset: Ashcott

A is for Ashcott

The first of an ad hoc, semi-regular roam around the villages of Somerset…

We’ll begin out journey in the village of Ashcott.

Situated on the side of the busy A39, three miles (5km) to the west of Street, Ashcott is a small village made up of a mix of old and modern buildings.

While the village seems to lack a real central focus, All Saints Church dominates the eastern heights.

The local amenities include a couple of pubs – the Ring O’ Bells and the Ashcott – and, while no longer served by the railway (Ashcott and Meare station and, indeed, the whole of the Burhnam branch line, were axed as part of the Beeching cuts in the 1960s), it is still a pleasant walk down to the Shapwick Heath and Ham Wall nature reserves, where the trains once passed.

Mass Observation – RANDOM

This month’s Mass Observation post was well received, and in these weird and wonderful times, we all need a bit of colour!

Moving forward, the project for June has a new theme…


To take part, simply take a photo around the theme of random:

  • Email the image to by Sunday 31st May 2020.
  • Images should be a maximum of 650 pixels wide.
  • Include your name, website/blog address and a short note about the image, including where it was taken.
  • Come back and see the results on Sunday 7th June!

It would be really great to get your involvement, so please feel free to send some random shots!


Glastonbury Colour

(The first in a series of posts about my new home town!)


Forgive me if, over the coming weeks, you get a little inundated by photographs from my new home town of Glastonbury in Somerset!

As mentioned previously, it’s only direct connection with the music festival is its name, and it was never this that drew me to Somerset.

The town is very open to people of different faiths, beliefs, and lifestyles, and the residents – myself included – are often drawn to live here by way of some unknown, unfathomable force.

For the uninitiated, the small market town is extremely Bohemian and accepting of most things. You can happily wander down the High Street and pass people wearing steampunk clothing, or fairy wings, or flowery headbands, or kaftans, or tie dye, or Hunter boots and wax jackets, or all of the above. Tourists are often a little stunned by this diversity; you can tell the locals by the fact they are totally nonplussed by this.

The shops in the town are just as diverse as the people who frequent them (and this, in fact, has helped Glastonbury retail stay afloat while other High Streets have suffered a downturn over the last decade or so).

My first post dedicated to the town, therefore, highlights these retail establishments, in all their diversity and colour.

(Click on an image to see a larger version.)

Mass Observation – CHANGE

A new Mass Observation, and it’s time for change.

This theme resonated a lot with me; over the last six months or so I have experienced a lot of changes – familial heath issues, moving home (and county) and going from full time employment in a job I’ve done for more than a decade to semi-retirement – and it seemed apt!

Change by Postcard Cafe

Name: Postcard Cafe

Location: Eyre Lane, Sheffield

Note: Street art has the capacity to change our experience of the ‘everyday’ and to lift it from the mundane into something more cheery or thought-provoking.  With it’s unapologetically bold, challenging and provocative faux official statement about social and political change this piece of billboard art does just that.  

Change by CKPonderingsToo

Name: CKPonderingsToo

Location: Burnham-on-Sea

Note: Once I had set the theme for this month’s Mass Observation post, I began to appreciate how wide-ranging an idea ‘Change’ actually was. I’ve not taken a lot of images of late, so with camera in hand I went out exploring. While I was photographing without the theme in mind, when I reviewed the images, this shot leapt out at me. It sadly represents a lot of society at the moment – endings, closures, etc. – and highlights that not all changes are for the better.

Change by Doctor Ken, Gin Sop

Name: Doctor Ken, Gin Sop

Location: Glastonbury

Note: Walking along Glastonbury High Street one afternoon, I noticed this heart-shaped stone. It was only as I looked more closely that I saw it had been broken, and had been propped up next to where it originally lay (you can see the shadow it left on the pavement to the right). Anyone who has had their heart broken knows it is a huge wrench, a massive change that, often, we have had no control over.

Change by Cap Does Craft

Name: Cap Does Craft

Location: Desktop!

Note: With the theme of change I considered many images.  One that I thought of was the ‘change your batteries’ pop up that appears occasionally on my desk top computer but thought it may not actually appear before the submissions were due.  Then of course it did appear, because computers know what we are thinking!  I had my little pocket camera to hand and took this shot.  I thought it was a light-hearted way to interpret the theme and then I changed the batteries!

Animals 2

A second post of fauna, from Europe, America and Africa. Animals provide a connection between us and Mother Nature; getting out into the country, away from the city, enables us to relax, unwind, and have that direct link with the world around us.

It’s time to get those cameras ready for this month’s Mass Observation Project on CKPonderingsToo!

The theme for March is Change and you are free to interpret that theme photographically in any way you like.

It’s really simple to take part. If you’re interested, just:

  • Take a photo that represents the Change to you
  • Photos should be a maximum of 650 pixels in height and/or width
  • Email the image to
  • Include your name and location and a short note about the photograph
  • Visit on Sunday 8th March to see the Mass Observation Results!

Photos should be submitted no later than Wednesday 4th March.

The first Mass Observation Post can be found here.

Happy snapping!!!