We are all of us in limbo at the moment. It seems like someone pressed the Pause button on 2020 back in February, and nobody seems to know how to get it kick started again.

Limbo is a dangerous place; we run the risk of becoming lethargic, or apathy setting in; things we would normally crack on with no longer seem important because, as I alluded to the other day, we can always do it tomorrow.

We run the risk of becoming a society of procrastinators, holding off, pacing ourselves, because if we end up doing something too quickly, we will have nothing to do tomorrow, or the next day or the next.

We are stuck ‘in-between’, a world waiting for something to happen, but not sure when it will, or what it will be.

Is there an easy answer?

3 thoughts on “Limbo”

  1. I think there’s also the concern of what life will be like after coronavirus. Will people’s businesses and careers survive and what will be the economic fallout? I’m not sure we really know yet. Hopefully, it will an opportunity for positive change.

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    1. I genuinely think it will be. Businesses will realise that people CAN work from home, and so won’t require as much of their workforce to be in the office. People will realise that they HAVE enjoyed being with their families, so home life will change for the better. There will, of course, be the “post-Covid party” hangover from hell to deal with, but after that we’ll be in a better world!

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