Mass Observation: Isolation

Set a few weeks ago, before a quarter of the world’s population were told to stay indoors, this seems more poignant a post than it was ever intended too. Many thanks for all of you who took part and enjoy the photographs!

Isolation by Killing Time With A Camera

Name: killing time with a camera … (

Location: My backyard, Toronto

Note: Probably a little overwrought as a metaphor but the idea kinda got stuck in my head, plus I had a packet of peas in the fridge! I wanted to convey that humans are ultimately social creatures and, while most of us need to be alone from time-to-time, being away from other people for too long can feel alienating and lonely.

Isolation by Postcard Cafe

Name: Postcard Cafe

Location: Botanical Gardens, Sheffield  

Note: Isolating the daffodil from others close by and also from the ground (using shallow depth of field) has managed to produce an interesting shot of an obvious subject for spring. What I didn’t notice while composing the shot was that I had also isolated a rainbow in an out of focus water droplet.  While it’s only a small detail, I really enjoyed that I had captured this chance moment. With any photograph our eye might naturally be drawn to the main subject in a photograph but it is always worth exploring the whole – to see what other surprises may be lurking!  I think this is a positive image and I thought for this months submission we need a few things that give us a smile right now. Take care out there, PC

Isolation by Doctor Ken, Gin Sop

Name: Doctor Ken, Gin Sop

Location: Somerset

Note: I wasn’t thinking about the Mass Observation at all, just taking my daily constitutional with my camera in hand. There was a tent on the other side of the field, and it looked so lonely I felt the need to photograph of it!

Isolation by CKPonderingsToo

Name: CKPonderingsToo (

Location: Glastonbury Tor

Note: I was having a wander on the one walk a day we’re currently allowed, and went a bit off the beaten track. There were a handful of other people escaping the lock-down by having a walk, and saw this woman. She was staring wistfully across the fields, and looked quite lonely ( even though her friend/boyfriend/husband was just along the lane). I loved how her poise was echoed by the steeple on the Tor and snapped a quick, candid pic!

Isolation by Cooking-Post Nerd

Name: Cooking-Post Nerd

Location: Somerset

Note: High above us, in the sky, a buzzard circles, searching wide.

Isolation by Cap Does Craft

Name: Cap Does Craft

Location: Bolsover Street, South Yorkshire  

Note:  For many people right now isolation is not a choice but a necessity.  This photograph looks at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to self isolating.  I’ve often thought that tower crane operators might actually enjoy being isolated in the cabin. High above the town or city, away from the noise and dust of the building site.  Views that many would pay money to see and no boss leaning over their shoulder. Photographically this image also has a nicely isolated silhouette of a street lamp nicely adding a little more value to the shot.

A nice number of submissions for this month’s Mass Observation Project. Keep an eye out on this site for May’s theme.

In the meantime, in this mad and crazy world, stay safe and stay sane.

6 thoughts on “Mass Observation: Isolation”

  1. Another great set of observations!
    A rather fine image from Killing Time With A Camera. Great, thoughtful composition. I hope we will be seeing more from Stevie…
    Dr Ken has turned in an evocative monochrome and it’s impossible not to ponder on the image think more about the story behind the lone tent.
    I love the moody vintage feel of the wistful woman leaning on the gate. It’s a very successful image and it’s vintage/dreamlike qualities work well with the subject. Very nice.
    Cooking Post Nerd offers a simple minimalist take on isolation and perhaps one that we not consider so I like that it’s included in the observation.
    As expected Cap Does Craft puts in something quite graphic that is simple but engaging!
    A great theme and a lovely set of images. I will look forward to receiving instructions for the next observation…
    Keep up the great work.
    Stay safe out there
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi there, Mr C! Glad you like the collection. Yes, I’m a big fan of KTWAC’s work, and was lucky enough to meet up with him last year before he moved across the Pond.
      I have my thinking head on at the moment, so stay tuned for May’s Mass Observation theme!
      Take care

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Some great imagines and interpretations. Coincidentally, whenever I see one of those tower cranes, I pretty much think the same thing as Cap Does Craft. I’m also guessing that they’ve probably learned to control any fear of heights they may have!

    Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the peas ended up inside two giant Yorkshire puddings (homemade of course!) alongside veggie sausages and gravy. A little taste of England right there! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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