9 in 45: 4th April 2020

It was a sunny weekend in Somerset and, while the restrictions in force still allow a daily walk, I thought I would take my camera out for another 9-in-45!

The idea of the project is to set out on a walk with a phone/stopwatch and your camera. Set your stopwatch for five minutes and start walking. When the five minutes is up, stop walking. You have a minute to compose and take a photograph. Set your stopwatch for another five minutes and start walking. When the time is up, stop and, within a minute take and compose your second photo. Keep going until you have walked for 45 minutes and have nine photos.

I’ve undertaken several of these before and now, with the move to the South West, it’s giving me an opportunity to explore new places and seek out new routes!

4th April 2020 – 14:24

I promise not every set of photos is going to include the Tor, but on this occasion made it too good an opportunity to miss!

4th April 2020 – 14:29

A welcome to the Somerset town, but I was walking the other way. There is no “Thank you for visiting” billboard, however, so this will have to do!

4th April 2020 – 14:35

…definitely no more photos of the Tor, I promise…

4th April 2020 – 14:41

Walking along the River Brue, you come to a small weir. This hut, I would imagine, has something to do with water management, though don’t quote me on that.

Graffiti on out of the way huts: good or bad?

4th April 2020 – 14:46

It really was a lovely day for a springtime walk! The sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm…

4th April 2020 – 14:52

Love Actually is all around. Glastonbury is a place of peace, calm and openness and these painted rocks – on the road from Street – stand as testament to that sense of love.

4th April 2020 – 14:58

Heading back homewards now, and a steep climb through a field of cows as I ascended Wearyall Hill. The timer on my phone went off and there was little obvious to photograph (apart from cowpats and hoof prints).

The chimney in the foreground belongs to the old Baily’s Tannery and Glove Factory, disused since the 1980s.

4th April 2020 – 15:04

The top of Wearyall Hill now, and a place to stop and relax. I have sat here and relished the view on a number of occasions, but today I carried on, because I had a ninth photograph to take!

4th April 2020 – 15:09

Never ever be afraid of being the odd one out, the black sheep. Life is made for standing out!

Another nine photographs taken in 45 minutes, then; my seventh attempt! Click on the links below to see the previous results:

And the original “Take Nine Photos In Forty Five Minutes” collection can be found by clicking the link.

4 thoughts on “9 in 45: 4th April 2020”

  1. A lovely set.

    I do envy folk their daily walk, my Consultant contacted me four weeks ago and told me to self-isolate without the option of a daily walk. I hope the morons flouting the guidelines don’t force the government to ban everyone else’s daily walks as for many I suspect they are an important part of maintaining their sanity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Dave. Sorry to hear that you’ve been in full lockdown, but trust you’re doing okay.
      Fingers crossed that the restrictions aren’t tightened even more, although I have a feeling that’s what may end up happening… 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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