Another photo from my ‘junk shop’ archive, and it’s nice to have one that’s fairly easy to narrow down in date and this is very much a celebratory ‘posed’ shot.

On the wall in the background, in between the two Union Flags is a portrait of Queen Victoria.

The forty-odd children in the picture and the two adults (their teachers?) are all smartly dressed and they are wearing a cross-shaped medal. These were given out on one of two occasions – the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and her Diamond Jubilee.

This narrows the date down to either June 1887 or 1897. Sadly there is nothing on the Carte de Visite to confirm for certain which of the two occasions the photograph celebrates, but either way, it’s a nice insight into commemorations 120+ years ago!

This month’s Mass Observation post was well received, and in these weird and wonderful times, we all need a bit of colour!

Moving forward, the project for June has a new theme…


Who doesn’t like a bit of randomness? Interpret the theme as you will!

To take part, simply take a photo around the theme of random:

  • Email the image to adayinphotographs@outlook.com by Sunday 31st May 2020.
  • Images should be a maximum of 650 pixels wide.
  • Include your name, website/blog address and a short note about the image, including where it was taken.
  • Come back and see the results on Sunday 7th June!

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