CWG: Guardsman Harold Dummett

Guardsman Harold Joseph James Dummett

Harold Joseph James Dummett was born in early 1900, one of ten children – and the eldest son – of Harry and Elizabeth of Kingsdon, Somerset.

I have been unable to find any detailed information about Harold through online research. He joined the Coldstream Guards and his battalion – the 5th – remained stationed in Windsor throughout the war; it is likely, therefore, that Guardsman Dummett never saw front line service.

I have been unable to find a war pension or medical records and there are no newspaper reports of a violent or unusual death. It is an assumption on my part, therefore, but it may had been that Harold died during the Spanish Flu pandemic or some other illness.

He lies at peace, though, in the quiet Kingsdon churchyard.

While Harold does not appear in the newspaper records, his parents do. In April 1937, the Taunton Courier reports that

Mr and Mrs Harry Dummett celebrated their golden wedding… There was a happy family gathering of all their children and two grandsons.

Taunton Courier and Weston Advertiser – 24th April 1937

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