A-Z of Somerset: Part 3

The third part of the tour of the villages of Somerset takes us from Kingsdon to Othery.

Click on the link to read the full post for each village.

K is also for Kingsdon.

Nestled in the rolling hills to the south of Somerton, Kingsdon is what chocolate box villages are supposed to look like.

L is for Lydeard St Lawrence.

Situated between the Quantocks and Exmoor, this was the home of a soldier who met an accidental death.

M is for Milverton.

A large village with high pretentions, this is a beauty to wander around.

N is for North Curry.

A village that is there for show, North Curry is meant to be seen.

O is for Othery.

A village whose soul has been ripped out by the traffic streaming through it, there is still a quiet heart to Little England.

Next week, in the last of the recaps, we visit villages P, Q R, S and T.

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