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New Life

Following yesterday’s post, some more evidence that spring is definitely here. Not from my back garden this time, but from a recent wander.

Amongst the desolation, there was still the vaguest of hints that something new, something big, was coming. She wandered through the ruins and rubble, and stopped beside a pile of stones. The barest glimpse of colour among the greyness had caught her eye and she had to go back and check.

Yes, there it was, a tiny blossom, subtly pink, tiny yellow stamen that reflected the weak sun’s light.

She felt a tear run trickle down her left cheek, clearing a path through the dust and dirt she new she was covered in. For the first time is weeks, no months, the tear was a happy one. This tiny bloom, this tiniest of blossoms represented something she had not encountered in a long, long time.