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Mass Observation – CHANGE

A new Mass Observation, and it’s time for change.

This theme resonated a lot with me; over the last six months or so I have experienced a lot of changes – familial heath issues, moving home (and county) and going from full time employment in a job I’ve done for more than a decade to semi-retirement – and it seemed apt!

Change by Postcard Cafe

Name: Postcard Cafe https://postcardcafe.wordpress.com

Location: Eyre Lane, Sheffield

Note: Street art has the capacity to change our experience of the ‘everyday’ and to lift it from the mundane into something more cheery or thought-provoking.  With it’s unapologetically bold, challenging and provocative faux official statement about social and political change this piece of billboard art does just that.  

Change by CKPonderingsToo

Name: CKPonderingsToo

Location: Burnham-on-Sea

Note: Once I had set the theme for this month’s Mass Observation post, I began to appreciate how wide-ranging an idea ‘Change’ actually was. I’ve not taken a lot of images of late, so with camera in hand I went out exploring. While I was photographing without the theme in mind, when I reviewed the images, this shot leapt out at me. It sadly represents a lot of society at the moment – endings, closures, etc. – and highlights that not all changes are for the better.

Change by Doctor Ken, Gin Sop

Name: Doctor Ken, Gin Sop

Location: Glastonbury

Note: Walking along Glastonbury High Street one afternoon, I noticed this heart-shaped stone. It was only as I looked more closely that I saw it had been broken, and had been propped up next to where it originally lay (you can see the shadow it left on the pavement to the right). Anyone who has had their heart broken knows it is a huge wrench, a massive change that, often, we have had no control over.

Change by Cap Does Craft

Name: Cap Does Craft

Location: Desktop!

Note: With the theme of change I considered many images.  One that I thought of was the ‘change your batteries’ pop up that appears occasionally on my desk top computer but thought it may not actually appear before the submissions were due.  Then of course it did appear, because computers know what we are thinking!  I had my little pocket camera to hand and took this shot.  I thought it was a light-hearted way to interpret the theme and then I changed the batteries!