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9 in 45: 26th December 2020


I’m well overdue for another photographic wandering, so it’s time for another “9 in 45” shoot. I tied this in with a Boxing Day walk, dodging showers and working off some of those festive calories!

The idea of the project is to set out on a walk with a phone/stopwatch and your camera. Set your stopwatch for five minutes and start walking. When the five minutes is up, stop walking. You have a minute to compose and take a photograph. Set your stopwatch for another five minutes and start walking. When the time is up, stop and, within a minute take and compose your second photo. Keep going until you have walked for 45 minutes and have nine photos.

So, the nine photos…

26th December 2020 – 14:25

I freely admit that these photographs are not my finest work. I put it down to my general excitement of actually being out of the house!

Spring seems to be coming early this season – particularly given that we are only just past the Winter Solstice… Someone has forgotten to tell the daffodils, crocuses (or croci) and this forsythia…

26th December 2020 – 14:31

The worst photo of the bunch by far… This was a definite hit-and-run shot, and that shows in its blurriness. There were people walking towards me, and I didn’t want to offend the person whose front door this was!

Ahem… Moving on, then…

26th December 2020 – 14:37

I couldn’t take photos during the festive season without a nativity scene of some sort… I am not sure exactly what sort of nativity scene this is, though… Angel Gabriel looks a little misshapen…

26th December 2020 – 14:43

A bit further down the road, and the crest above the door to another of the churches in Glastonbury. The insignia is that of Richard Bere, a 16th century abbot from the nearby Abbey.

26th December 2020 – 14:49

It has been a particularly damp winter so far, with clear days interspersed with others of consistent rain or torrential downpours. Water, therefore, had to feature!

26th December 2020 – 14:54

Picture six, and something a bit more abstract. Walking along, my eye was initially caught by the lettering, but the discarded bottle top added a nice additional dimension to the shot.

26th December 2020 – 15:00

Glastonbury is not a large town, and the countryside is never too far away.

Walking along the main road, houses lie to one side, while Wearyall Hill is on the other. (Usually with a lot more sheep on it…)

26th December 2020 – 15:06

It was a drab Boxing Day, as I have alluded to, and, on a day when the light didn’t exactly help the photographer, a brown-leafed hedge seemed to sum up the possibilities available..

26th December 2020 – 15:12

Last of the nine photos, then, and another expanse of countryside. I am extremely lucky to live where I do, where are amenities are readily to hand, while nature and countryside are just a hop, skip and a jump away…

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