Mass Observation – January Blues

Welcome to CKPonderingsToo and the first of what I hope will be a wealth of shared and project-based photographic journeys!

For this first post, I asked for people’s interpretations of the phrase “January Blues”. Many thanks to everyone who had submitted a photograph – here are the results!

January Blues by Postcard Cafe

Name: Postcard Cafe

Location: Photograph taken from the tow path of the Sheffield canal

Note: I spent a weekend taking photographs inspired by and exploring the theme of the project.  It came down to two photographs but unexpectedly it was this one I kept coming back to.  It was the last photograph from my walk along the canal. At the time of taking it I wasn’t entirely convinced it would work but it won me over to become my contribution to the project. The colour palette, simplicity and composition make it an undemanding image that I find satisfyingly easy on the eye.    

January Blues by CKPonderingsToo

Name: CKPonderingsToo

Location: St Mary’s Island, Chatham.

Note: I was at a bit of a loss when it came to taking my own photo for the project. There was a lot going on and, if I am honest, I hadn’t really considered what I was going to do for the project I was supposed to be curating! But, during an hour getting away from what life was throwing at me, I spent some time wandering along the river in Chatham. What had once been a seething mass of dockyards was now being transformed into high quality ‘affordable’ housing for the masses. Chatham is not a town to forget its naval heritage, and so disused machinery has become art installations. This crane, which has long since lost its ships and cargo, stood proud against the January sky and its greeny-blue colour matched the backdrop completely.

January Blues by Dothob

Name: Documenting the Obvious

Location: Berlin Mitte

Note: This is a construction site in Berlin Mitte. I took this picture on the
4th of January 2020

January Blues by Mike Osborn Photo

Name: Mike Osborn

Location: Fylde Coast, Lancashire

Note: This photograph was taken on the Fylde Coast of Lancashire, north-west England. It was only mid-afternoon but the cloud was obscuring the sun, making it feel like a premature day’s end, so typical for a long January. The coastscape was sufficiently maudlin and bleak to add to this feeling.

More collaborations will be on the way, so watch this space!!!

19 thoughts on “Mass Observation – January Blues

  1. Congratulations on a successful lift off…! πŸ™‚
    I like all the displayed images and they are nicely presented in a clear uncluttered way.
    Your own photograph is bold, graphic and abstract! I particularly like the detail where the light has passed through the windows of the cabin and falls onto the right hand side of the body of the crane.
    The Dothob image is strong and beautifully delivered as always with a careful composition.
    I like that Mikes image brings in a different atmosphere to the project. It’s a bit more contemplative and hints at January blues also perhaps being about mood.
    This post makes a really nice opener for the new site.
    I look forward to see what new and shared projects you have up your sleeve.
    Have a great weekend
    Best wishes
    Mr C πŸ™‚


    • Many thanks, Mr C!
      Yes, I think it’s made for a good mix of images and you can definitely feel more than just the theme linking them. It will be interesting to see how this develops, particularly (and hopefully!) as more contributors come on board.


  2. This is a comment that can be deleted and is really for your eyes only. I notice that if I click onto the title of the site which I assumed would take me to the home page what I get is the ‘content coming soon’ holding page which was there before it went live. If people arrive at the holding page there doesn’t appear to be any content and no way of clicking through to the first post. I know that with any site it takes a bit of tweaking but I thought I’d flag this up all the same.
    Best wishes…

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Great to kick off the new site with s collaboration, Richard. A cheering splash of blue for the long month of January, while yes, I read another meaning into this! Good luck with the fresh look and new direction πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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