In the peace and solitude of the reserve, it seemed unlikely they would bump into anyone – or at least anyone they knew. They weren’t technically from the same household, but they were brothers, more than that, closer than any other platonic relationship they knew.

The silence was all-engulfing. The air was crisp, clear and held the scent of spring. So they walked. And boy did they walk. Mile upon mile, knowing they would have to walk the same distance back.

Something kept them going, though, a friendship, a camaraderie. They talked about everything and nothing, any silences between them comfortable.

So, they walked…


This month’s Mass Observation post was well received, and in these weird and wonderful times, we all need a bit of colour!

A quick reminder about the upcoming Mass Observation post. The project for June has the theme of RANDOM, so feel free to contribute.

To take part, simply take a photo around the theme of random:

  • Email the image to by Sunday 31st May 2020.
  • Images should be a maximum of 650 pixels wide.
  • Include your name, website/blog address and a short note about the image, including where it was taken.
  • Come back and see the results on Sunday 7th June!

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