An A-Z of Somerset: Baltonsborough

B is for Baltonsborough

The second of the Somerset villages I’m showcasing, and it’s a short eight mile hop to the east of Ashcott where we find Baltonsborough.

This certainly has more of a village feel than Ashcott, mainly to to its smaller population – less than 900 inhabitants – and the fact that it’s not situated on a main road. The houses are, generally, older, and the centre of the village – the pub – is within spitting distance of the village hall and church.

The church itself is dedicated to St Dunstan. Born in Baltonsborough, Dunstan was Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey, Bishop of Worcester, Bishop of London and Archbishop of Canterbury before dying in 988.

Other notable sons of this quaint village include a Canadian politician, the person responsible for introducing rabbits to Australia and Victoria Cross recipient Edward Noel Mellish. While not born in the UK, actor Nicholas Cage has also made Baltonsborough his Somerset home.

The village centre is also where the War Memorial is located. Alongside the plaques to those who lost their lives in the two world wars is one commemorating the other villagers who fought.

4 thoughts on “An A-Z of Somerset: Baltonsborough”

  1. Very idyllic. The flowerbox beneath the village name is a nice touch, gives the place a welcoming feel.

    Coincidentally, I’ve just been reading (well listening actually) to Bill Bryson’s Down Under, which briefly discusses the person who introduced rabbits to Australia among other colonists, scientists and explorers who messed with the delicate ecosystem there!

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