A-Z of Somerset: Part 1

Lockdown 2021 has given a bit of an enforced break on my photographic journey around the villages of Somerset, so I thought it might be good to have a bit of a catch up of the places I have visited so far.

Over the next four Sundays, therefore, I will be having a bit of a recap.

Today, we look at A to E. (Click on the links to see the original posts.)

A is for Ashcott.

On the A39 between Wells and Bridgwater, Aschott sits on a hill overlooking the Somerset Moors around Shapwick.

B is for Baltonsborough.

Nestled on the moors to the south west of Shepton Mallet, the village is a prime place to view Glastonbury Tor.

C is for Charlton Mackrell.

A big house and a close neighbour, Charlton Mackrell is a quiet haven in the countryside.

D is for Dinder.

Quiet and unassuming, Dinder has a hidden secret, designed to protect the nearby city cathedral city.

E is for Evercreech.

A small village, home to a social drinker’s wily scheme…

Next week, villages F to J (ish)…

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